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Special Olympics

Athletes & Families

Eligibility Requirements

Potential Athletes must:

  • Be identified as having an intellectual disability or a closely related developmental disability.
  • Be 8 year of age or older
  • Be registered with SOSD State Office ( A valid Application for Participation  i.e., Medical Release Form, must be on file)
  • Submit the appropriate registration materials by the designated due dates for each event
  • Complete mandatory training requirements

Special Olympics vs Other Sports Organizations

Special Olympics is like other Sports Organizations:

  • We follow the National Governing Body rules for each sport.
  • Athletes train prior to competition.
  • Qualified coaches train participants.

Special Olympics differs from other Sports Organization:

  • Sports are adapted to allow athletes of all ability levels to participate
  • Athletes compete in divisions made up of individuals with equal ability levels. (typically no less than 3 and never more than 8)
  • All participants receive an award.
  • Advancement to higher levels of competition (World and National Games) is done by random draw.
  • Athletes and family members are not charged a fee to participate.

Select the link "Sports Information" link from the toolbar to the right for information on the different sports offered by Special Olympics Fireworks.

Sports Rules

  • The Special Olympics Sports Rules govern all Special Olympics sports competitions worldwide. International Sports Federations and National Governing Bodies rules are employed except when they are in conflict with Special Olympics Sports Rules. In those cases, the Special Olympics Sports Rules shall apply.
  • The Special Olympics Sports Rules are the result of recommendations and the practical experience of thousands of coaches, volunteers, Special Olympics athletes and their families worldwide. The rules have been developed to provide for the widest range of abilities so each athlete has a reasonable chance to win.
  • The fundamental difference that sets Special Olympics competitions apart from those of other sports organizations is divisioning - athletes of all ability levels are encouraged to participate, and every athlete is recognized for his or her performance. Competitions are structured so that athletes compete with other athletes of similar ability in equitable divisions.

Minimum Training Requirements

  • Special Olympics athletes are required to participate in a structured training program before competing in any competition.
  • Minimum training requirements are 15 hours over an eight-week period.
  • Head Coaches are required to sign a "Certificate of Training" form before each state event confirming that training has occurred.
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