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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate with Special Olympics of Sioux Falls?

A Potenital Athlete must:

  • Be identified as having an intellectual disability or a closely related developmental disability.
  • Be 8 years of age or older.

* Athletes will then register per event at the beginning of each sport season.

Any Volunteers will be asked to complete a volunteer application form (Adult Application Form / Minor Application Form) which will be sent to our State Office for background check for the safety of our athletes.

What does it cost to participate?

There is no cost to participate with Special Olympics of Sioux Falls. We strongly encourage athletes, volunteers and families to participate in fundraising with our organization. You can even donate online, just click the donate button on on the right side of the screen.

* The only exception to this is Unified Bowling Partners, we ask that you help cover lane fees for the bowling season because of the high costs of bowling lane rentals.

What events does SOSF offer?

Softball: July - September

Traditional & Unified Bowling: October - November

Basketball: January - March
* includes Basketball Skills for lower functioning athletes and a Unifed Team for higher functioning athletes

Spring/Summer Games: March - May
*includes Track & Field, Aquatics, Powerlifting, Soccer & Volleyball

Are there uniforms?

For almost all sports athletes wear the "Gold & Black" uniforms provided by SOSF. These uniforms are provided at no cost to athletes and must be returned after the final State Tournament. These uniforms are also available to purchase via our Shopping Center. If you have any questions about uniforms please contact our Uniform and Equiptment Volunteer Becky Brennan at

Is there any form of transportation to out of town tournaments?

For Area and State Tournaments outside of Sioux Falls, SOSF provides transportation via School Bus. The Buses are generously provided to us by the Sioux Falls School District. If an athete or volulnteer intends to ride the bus to tournaments this should indicated on the sporting event registration form. If this changes please notify a coach or sports coordinator as soon as possible.

Where do we stay at overnight tournaments?

On the majority of overnight tournaments SOSF rents out hotels in the tournament town. Athletes and Unified Partners will be provided rooms at no cost, per request on registration forms.  Atheltes are generally assigned four per room (2 Queen Bed Rooms). Athletes should indicate on registration forms if they intend to stay with SOSF. Athletes are of course allowed to travel with family/staff and stay with family/staff independent of SOSF.

Volunteers will be provided rooms at no cost if they agree to help chaperone athletes durning the tournament. Chaperones are assigned to athletes in a 1:4 ratio. Volunteers should indicate on registration forms that they will help to chaperone athletes at Tournaments

If you do not intend to room with SOSF or if you are a volunteer who does not intend to chaperone athletes but would like help booking a hotel room please contact our Room Cordinator Jody Wedell at . Please do this at the beginning of the sport season as rooms go fast. We cannot guarennte rooms for those who are NOT helping to chaperone or athletes who did not indicate a need for a room during registration.

What does it mean to be 'Chaperoned' by SOSF?

At time SOSF will ask you if an athlete should be 'chaperoned' by SOSF during a tournament. This means that SOSF volunteers wil be responsible for an athlete during an overnight tournament. Please not that this does not mean that SOSF will chaperone athletes at every event. We strongly encourage family, friends and staff to stay at pratices to help the volunteers with athletes. This is especially helpful for atheltes who have advance medical needs or needs assistance with personal care.

What happens on long trips if my athlete needs medication?

SOSF currently has two Med Volunteers, JJ Icenogle and Mary Martin-Cobos, both are Medication Certified and work together to distribute needed medications to athletes being chaperoned by SOSF. At the begining of each sporting event athletes will be asked to complete a Medication Form D. This form allows are Med Volunteers to determine who needs assistance with medication distribution.


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