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Sports Offered:

  • Bocce Ball
    • Athlete Doubles
    • Unified Doubles
  • Softball
    • Traditional Slow Pitch Team Softball
    • Unified Team Softball (Jr & Sr)
    • Coach Pitch Team Softball
    • Individual Softball Skills

Note: Athletes and volunteers may participate in both bocce ball and softball.

Practice Information:

  • Practices will be once per week per sport
  • All practices except for Sr Unified Team Softball will practice at McCart Park. Sr Unified will practice at Burnside.
  • All practices will be 6:30-8 p.m.
  • Bocce Ball will be on Tuesday evenings starting July 24 
  • Softball will be on Thursday evenings starting July 26
    • Please note these dates are confirmed. The dates listed on the postcard was a tentative date.

Important Dates to Remember:

SE Area Softball Tournament
Saturday, August 25
Sherman Park, Sioux Falls
Note: At a minimum all athletes participating in Softball are required to participate through Area and Area is required to participate at State.

State Fall Classic
Friday, Sep 21 (Bocce Ball) - Saturday & Sunday, Sep 22-23 (Softball)
Cadwell Park, Mitchell

Minimum participation requirements:

  1. Athletes must at a minimum participate in the Area Tournament, if participating in Softball. 
  2. Athletes participating through State and are participating in both Bocce Ball and Softball, may miss up to three practices or a total of 4.5 hours of practice. Missed time includes arriving late to and leaving early from practice. Athletes may not miss all three practices in the same sport.
  3. Athletes participating through Area only or those participating in only one sport may miss one practice or a total of 1.5 hours of practice. Missed time includes arriving late and leaving early from practice. In addition, this time MUST be made up by attending practice of the other sport. Please see Heather to make arrangements to make-up time. 

Athletes that require staff

If staff is required to attend Area and/or State with an athlete that is riding the bus or staying in the motel with the Fireworks, the staff member must complete the volunteer sign up form as a chaperone. They also are required to submit a paper volunteer application (see below).

E-mail confirmation- Be sure to watch your inbox for your e-mail confirmation!  If you do not receive a copy of your online sign up via e-mail, you are NOT registered to participate and need to complete the online sign up form again. Please do not call requesting confirmation. The confirmation e-mail is sent to the e-mail submitted on the registration. That is how the registration is confirmed. If the e-mail is not received, it was not accepted and needs to be completed again until it is accepted.

If you are not signed up by the end of the day on July 7, you will not be able to participate. Be sure check your Spam or Junk folders for the confirmation e-mail prior to the close date.  

Sign-up Forms

ATHLETE SIGN UP (All athletes)

VOLUNTEER SIGN UP (Coach, Unified Partner, Chaperone, etc)


Code of Conducts

Before you enter the Registration Form, please take a minute to review the Code of Conducts:

Athlete Code of Conduct

Caregiver Code of Conduct

Coaches Code of Conduct

New Athletes or Volunteer Forms

If you are new to participating in Special Olympics, the forms listed below need to be completed by the first practice.



Athlete Application for Participation (Physical form)

Athlete Eligibility Verification Form


Volunteer Application

Fireworks Volunteer Information Form 

Unified Partner Application

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