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Special Olympics


The official SOSF uniform for most sports (see exceptions below) are:

  • Athletes should wear athletic shoes/ tennis shoes (no street shoes). 

  • Black/vegas gold warm-up (jacket and pants)

  • Black/vegas gold jersey and black shorts

NOTE: IF (and only if) the black shorts do not fit the athlete properly, they can wear their own personal black shorts.  They must be solid black with no other colors or big logos and they must be a long athletic type short.  No short shorts


An SOSF uniform (jersey, sorts, and warm-up) will be provided to each athlete when participating in a sport.

  • The uniform is handed out one to two weeks prior to the area games.

  • When laundering the uniform between the area and state events; wash in cold water and do not dry the jersey.  Just hang up to dry.  The shorts can be put in the dryer.

  • After the athlete’s last game or event at the State games, the athletes turn in the uniform to their coach.  The uniform volunteer will collect from the coaches.

NOTE: Loaner uniforms are not collected back between Basketball and Spring Games.

  • The uniforms are to be used for SOSD events only (not for practices or for personal use).


It is very important to note that no athlete is required to purchase a uniform in order to participate in any SOSF event. But, some athletes choose to purchase the uniform. 

  • The black & vegas gold jersey and shorts are sold at cost to athletes; the price is $40.00. 

    • ​If no new uniform (never worn) is available, an athlete can choose to purchase a used uniform for $20.00
  • ​The black & vegas gold warm-up can also be purchased at cost for $75.00
  • If you wish to purchase a uniform, please click on the Uniform Purchase Form link.

Uniform Purchase Form

When laundering your uniform, wash in cold water and do not dry the jersey.  Just hang up to dry.  The shorts can be put in the dryer.  Remember to remove any stickers before washing.  If you forget, spray or rub “Goo Gone” on the sticker.  Leave on for a few minutes and then just wipe the off.  Then you will need to launder it again.

SOSF uniforms will be worn as follows:

  • Basketball & BB Skills: black/vegas gold jersey, shorts and warm-up

  • Cheer:  gold cheer t-shirt and black pants

  • Skiing: appropriate winter gear (no official SOSF uniform)

  • Volleyball: black/vegas gold uniforms

  • Soccer & Soccer Skills: black/vegas gold jersey, shorts and warp-up

  • Aquatics: athletes will wear their own personal swim suit

  • *Powerlifting:  black/vegas gold jersey, shorts, and warm-up

  • *Track & Field (& Racewalking): black/vegas gold jersey, shorts, and warm-up

  • Softball:  black/vegas gold jersey, shorts, and warm-up

  • Traditional & Unified Bowling:  black bowling t-shirts with long pants or dress/walking shorts.  Attire should be neat and clean.

*Note.  If an athlete has previously participated in national or world games and has their uniform from that event, they are welcome to wear it for individual events during track & field if they choose.  For a relay, they need to wear the SOSF uniform.


Questions regarding uniforms should be directed to Becky Brennan- Uniform Volunteer

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