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Special Olympics would not exist today - and could not have been created - without the time, energy, dedication, and commitment of the more than 500,000 Special Olympics volunteers.

We are currently in great need of volunteers to fill numerous positions so we can continue to provide meaningful sporting events to our over 400 athletes in the Sioux Falls program.  We have a small number of athlete parents, family and friends currently doing a large part of the volunteering for the Fireworks.  A majority of our athletes live in group homes that do not have family support for a variety of reasons. We need more families, friends and community members to volunteer.  The following positions are currently open.  

If you have an interest in any of the following positions, please e-mail or call 336.0240. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

Logistics Volunteer- be directly involved with athletes and volunteers! Responsible for: meals and room assignments when traveling out of town on overnight events. You will need to be available for over-night travel for out of town events (weekends). Time required: Time would vary, pick one sport or all the sports, your choice.

Recruitment Volunteer- be directly involved with athletes, their families and volunteers, outside of sporting events. Responsible for: sending “Welcome Packages” to new athletes and volunteers. Attend Volunteer fairs and other venue where we can promote Special Olympics and recruit athletes and volunteers. Time Required: 1-3 hrs per week, but not every week. Attend occasional Fireworks Committee meeting.

Swimming Volunteer  – here’s your chance to put your swimming skills to work. Responsible for: organization of swimming season, oversee other swim coaches, must be able to attend area and state swimming events. Time required: Swimming runs for 8 weeks March – May, and 3-4 hrs per week during the season (one practice per week).

Fundraising Committee- do you have creative ideas for raising money for the Fireworks? Responsible for: attending fundraising meetings and assist during fundraising events. Time required: monthly one hour meetings and during fundraising events.

Med Volunteer- assist athletes on overnight trips with the medications. This volunteer will be required to travel to the out-of-town events on weekends.  They will not be required to attend all events.  Most urgent need is for a med volunteer at the State Basketball tournaments in March. 

Coach- volunteers to head coach or assistant coach basketball, soccer, volleyball, and/or softball. Volunteers are needed to be available for practice 1 night per week for 1.5 hours per practice per sport.  Volunteers also need to be available to attend the area and state competitions. The area competition is a one day event and usually in the Sioux Falls area or within an hour drive.  The state competition is a two day event and can be located anywhere within South Dakota.  Transportation, lodging and meals are provided.

Bowling Volunteers- assist athletes at bowling practices once a week.  Volunteers need to ensure athletes remain in their lane, bowl when it is their turn, bowl in the correct lane and CHEER!  Volunteers are also asked to assist at the area and state competition.  The area competition is a one day event in Sioux Falls and State is a two day event in Aberdeen. Transportation, lodging and meals are provided.


Please contact us to volunteer!  You can e-mail us at or call 336.0240.


There are many ways you can become involved...and Inspire Greatness!
Serve as certified Special Olympics coaches.

  • Volunteer at a Special Olympics event.

  • Organize, coach or play on Unified Sports® teams.

  • Participate in one of our many fundraising events throughout the year.

  • Make financial or in-kind donations as individuals or through a business.

  • Conduct fundraising campaigns in schools or through a civic group, church, or other organization.

  • Name Special Olympics as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, will, or employee payroll deduction.

  • Make donations of goods, services, or vital office supplies to local Special Olympics programs.

  • Encourage members of your civic groups to volunteer their professional services to Special Olympics programs and events.

Please, join the Special Olympics movement today. To learn more about sports programs, volunteer and contribution opportunities contact us by calling 605-336-0240 or e-mail

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